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Innovative Products for Saving Water

We offer home and commercial water-saving products that install easily on most standard sinks and toilets. These products are practical and do not restrict the normal function of the appliance in any way, but instead, work by substantially reducing the amount of water that is simply wasted by older plumbing technologies.

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Models include the Easy-Fit Drop In for a quick installation with no tank removal, Push Button and Lever action models for standard 1 or 2 piece toilets, and a Dual Lever model for 3" drain toilets.

Unlike standard filler valves that can clog and overfill the bowl, the Filler Saver features a removable screen filter that traps tank sediments and an adjustable spigot for regulating the amount of bowl fill.

Brass hardware not only corrodes and binds over time, making it difficult to remove, but it can also chip the porcelain when used for the bowl mount. Similarly for the tank, corroded brass hardware is even harder to remove, since the nuts are recessed into the bowl base. Doing the job right requires Better Hardware, which includes nylon base bolts, stainless bolt kits with large wingnuts for the tank and dependable ribbed washers and seals that won't leak.

Rather than constantly turning your sink on and off or letting it run continuously, the Faucet Saver provides only the water you need without waste. Just set the spigots to the desired flow, leave them on and simply push against the Faucet Saver lever for water as you need it.

Setting up an effective rain collection system is more than just installing a tank and some plumbing. You also need the right fittings and accessories to ensure that only clean water is collected and siphoned back out. Our Rain Saver products work with your tank and plumbing system, providing the hard-to-find accessories for properly screening rain run off and monitoring the tank level.


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