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Everywhere you look, this once plentiful natural resource, long taken for granted, is becoming more expensive and even scarce in some areas. Our quest to conserve water in a practical manner began at our own farm, having endured years of drought and many experiments with different water saving techniques. We understand the practical issues surrounding available hardware, installation and cost. Water conservation in the home and at the office is a simple, effective and practical way to become more green while saving money at the same time…

We offer water-saving products that are easily retro-fitted to most standard sinks and toilets. These products are practical and do not restrict the normal function of the appliance in any way, but instead, work by substantially reducing the amount of water that is simply wasted by older plumbing technologies. This is a Do-It-Yourself System, you can install it yourself and Save money at your home or business.

Basic DIY Dual Flush Kits
Small #1 Flush
Regular #2 Flush
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Budget Models
Everything You Need for
Maximum Water $avings per Flush
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Filtered Adjustable
Tank Filler
Reduces Bowl Fill Waste
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Featured products:
How do I install this?
EasyFit Drop-In Installation
No Tank Removal or Mess – Only Takes 15 Minutes!
Kits include all required hardware and fittings,
along with complete DIY Quick Start Instructions.
We also offer Email Tech Support should you run into any trouble.