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Dual Flush Toilet Systems (FlushSaver)

We are direct to consumer business with low overhead and no middlemen. We commit to helping people like you save water and put more money back into your pocket. Our company incorporates responsible GREEN business practices throughout our operation.

Advantages of a Dual Flush Toilet Kit

By installing a dual flush kit for your toilet you will have the ability to flush either a low volume flush or a high volume flush. Low volume flushes are designed for liquid waste. Whereas, high volume flushes are for solid waste. Unlike traditional toilets where you only have one flushing option. The low volume flush of dual flush toilets allows for the conservation of water. As such, dual flush toilets are high-efficiency toilets and are in compliance with the National Energy Policy Act of 1994. If you’re worried about water conservation but don’t have the time or money to upgrade to a brand-new toilet then it’s time for a water conservation kit. These innovative dual flush valve conversion kit integrate with your existing toilet. So, you will have a water efficient toilet system.

Dual Flush Conversion Kit Features

  • Converts your existing toilet to Dual Flush Technology
  • Uses up to 45% less water
  • Fully adjustable full and half flush, lever included
  • Retrofits any 2″ flush valve toilet
  • Includes high-performance fill valve – 2x greater refill rate